Standardized affordable pricing. This means that systems are priced according to the fan used and the amount of suction points. A simple system with a small fan is priced hundreds less than other companies. Upgrades required to achieve low levels are provided at cost.

  • Nationally certified by AARST-NRPP and NRSB
  • RI Licensed Specialist by Department of Health.
  • Fully insured
  • Free estimates – We can certainly give a rough estimate over the phone, but a FREE site evaluation is recommended.
  • Lowest price guarantee – Call for details.
  • Guaranteed to reduce radon levels to below 4.0 pCi/L. Levels are usually reduced below 2.0 pCi/L.
  • Air systems – Some houses require additional sealing and extra effort to maximize aesthetics. Older homes require a larger collection chamber under the slab.
  • Water Systems – A-Rn-S uses the latest technology for its water systems. These units have redundant alarms and monitoring devises to give home owners peace of mind.
  • Painted exterior to match the home.
  • Gutter down spout used for exterior stack.
  • Garage attic installation. The pipe is routed from the basement into the garage and the fan is installed in the attic of the garage. System is much less visible and fans tend to last much longer.
  • Interior systems. We can route pipe through existing closets and install fan in attic of main house.